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Written by josh on December 28th, 2012

It’s not often that I review a site I feel is truly unique. Freephone2phone is different from any other free calling provider I’ve found.

Why? Because it actually provides completely, 100% free calls to anywhere in the world. Call India for free. Call China for free, or call Jamaica. Use freephone2phone and have a ball.

There is a catch. You cannot make calls longer than 10 minutes. The way FreePhone2Phone works is when you start a call, you hear a short advertisement, which is how they are able to provide you with the free call.

FreePhone2Phone requires no sign up. It necessitates no special equipment. You’ll receive no billing. And you can make calls anytime.



You can dial a large list of landline numbers in countries all around the world and enjoy a 10 minute or less completely free conversation. You can call to cell phones in a few countries including India, China, Thailand and Singapore.

The recipient will hear no ads.

To discourage abusing the product, FreePhone2Phone has a policy where if you call a number in a day, you cannot talk for more than 5 minutes to that same number on a subsequent call made that same day. It’s a fair policy. You can make a lot of 5 minute phone calls. Or you can have a lot of daily 10 minute phone calls. Keep it short and sweet. Tell em you love em and have a great day.

What do you guys think of FreePhone2Phone?

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