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Written by josh on January 14th, 2013

Do you travel a lot? Do you need to contact people internationally? You love talking to someone in person, but often you’re not afforded the opportunity. I’m here to get you the next best thing. Today, I’m telling you about iCall. It’s one of the best VoIP apps out there, an all-in-one brilliantly designed thing of beauty.

iCall has five basic features:

– HD Voice Calling – call anywhere in the world for free to other iCall users. Don’t worry about roaming charges and save all your calling minutes for later. Plus, no matter where you are in the world, calls to the United States and Canada are free.

– HD Video Calling – 720p HD calls? Check. Smooth, full motion with crisp and vivid colors. It’s beautiful.

– Instant Messaging – No borders. No rules. iCall lets you communicate through all instant messaging services for free.

– Collaboration – Conference call for no cost. Bring in colleagues, interact through HD video, and share documents and screens.

– iCall Voice – This tool lets you customize your app: screen calls before picking up, send callers straight to voicemail or block them outright, route incoming calls to other numbers, read voicemail transcriptions sent to you in an email, and limit the time of day people can call you.


iCall will also give you a free number to use and give out to your friends and family.

You’ll also notice the convenient and centralized communications hub that iCall has designed – it lets you IM, video call, text and dial in one space. Great interface.

For the cherry on top, here’s one of iCall’s truly unique attributes: iCall has developed something called Gaze Distraction Technology. With iCall you’re typical chat window has been reconfigured, and timed, but hardly discernible visual distractions appear during a call to subconsciously attract your focus toward the camera and the person you’re talking to – instead of self-consciously looking at that little picture of you in the corner of the screen.

Now THAT is cool!

iCall is versatile – get it on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC, or your web browser (there’s no software to install).

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