Almost Free Calls With SMS Discount

Written by shannon on March 15th, 2012

Save on International Calls and Text Messages Using SMS Discount

People are attracted to free VoIP calls because they can give them substantial amount of savings. However, not all free calls are really free. Most of the time, there’s a string attached to the offer. If you are careful and fortunate enough, you might be able to find some real free offers just like what is offered by SMS Discount.

SMS Discount has several free offers that you can take advantage of after downloading their free tool in your computer or mobile phone. After which, you can already start making free calls anywhere in the world. Sending text messages is free too.

Free calls apply to some popular destinations and minimal rates to others. You can check their Web site for the countries where you can make free calls as well as the rate for other destinations. If you buy credit from them, you can also avail of 120 Freedays.

This is such an excellent offer you must take advantage of.

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