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Written by josh on October 30th, 2013

Our second post this week about video calling apps features ooVoo, a comprehensive app that over 75 million people use.

ooVoo’s flagship feature is its video calling. The company uses CloudCall Processing which connects video calls to ooVoo’s cloud-based servers for high quality calls. ooVoo also uses ConnectionLock, their personal video technology that automatically detects and adjusts for connection speed, which means less dropped calls for users.

Video call with up to 12 people at once! ooVoo’s unique app interface allows you to see four friends at once during group video calls. If you’re chatting with more than four people, the additional avatars appear at the bottom of your video call screen. Swipe in these avatars to replace who you’re looking at easily and at any time during a call.


If friends aren’t around, ooVoo lets you record and send video messages. These can also be shared through your social media. Additionally, personalize your home screen with a video status message. These can be up to 21 seconds long, applied with filters, posted to home screens and shared.

Store all your videos, messages and photos in ooVoo’s My Media page.

Of course, ooVoo also lets users make free voice calls to ooVoo users anywhere in the world. You can also purchase ooVoo credits to call landlines and non ooVoo users.

ooVoo also lets you send free messages to other ooVoo users, even while you’re video chatting!

Use ooVoo on any mobile device. And download ooVoo for Mac or PC.

Whew! What an app! Download ooVoo for FREE today!

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