Blackberry Messenger adding VoIP

Written by josh on November 19th, 2012

Last Friday RIM (Research in Motion) announced that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will be adding a VoIP component called BBM Voice. The service will allow all BBM users to make free voice calls to each other. Of course they can call to anywhere in the world.

One feature of BBM Voice is split-screen functionality. BBM users can use their phones normally while on a voice call. Think checking contacts, sending pictures or sending messages while remaining on a call.



BBM Voice is set to headline as a brand new built-in feature for BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry will ensure that BBM 7 can integrate with BlackBerry ID to allow data restoration on a new device, including the upcoming BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry is stepping its game up by jumping on board the VoIP train. This VoIP feature will increase the relevance of BlackBerry when RIM attempts its comeback to the smartphone market in 2013.

Do any of my readers use BlackBerry?

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