Bolt – An Innovative App for Free Calls

Written by josh on February 14th, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Today I bring you the hottest topic on VoIP apps – Bolt.

Bolt is a VoIP app that is attempting to solve a problem that most users of VoIP apps like Viber and Skype face – never using your app. Most VoIP apps require you to open them specifically to make calls – that step can stop many people from taking advantage of free calls.

Bolt, on the other hand, combines its free calling service with a phone dialer app that can replace your phone’s standard dialer app.

Install Bolt and use it to place all of your calls. If you’re calling another Bolt user, the app will automatically route the call over VoIP so it will not count against your wireless plan’s minutes. That’s genius. If you call any other number, the app will use your standard wireless carrier and use minutes from your plan.


Similar to other VoIP services, Bolt to Bolt calls are free and promise better voice quality than standard cellular voice calls without using a lot of data. Apparently the average Bolt call only uses about 60KB of data per minute, which would translate into almost 35,000 talking minutes on a common 2GB smartphone data plan.

The app itself looks nice. It has three tabs (favorites, call log, and dialer). Other Bolt users will show up with a special icon within the app, so it’s easy to see who you can call for free.

Bolt became available this past Monday and right now is only for Android devices. But Bolt is working on bringing its app to iOS next.

I think Bolt is a game changer. Hopefully other apps will follow suit and integrate a similar design/strategy.

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