Brand New Pinger App Textfree has Free Calls

Written by josh on November 6th, 2013

Last week Pinger launched a brand new version of its Textfree app in the Google Play Store. We’ve written about Pinger before, which is a solid VoIP app, and want our readers to know about this upgrade.

The most notable upgrade in this new version is the launch of voice calling. Textfree users can now make unlimited calls and texts for free to other Pinger users. Users can also pay to make calls to any landline, anywhere in the world. Additionally, incoming calls from anywhere in the world, from anyone, are always free.


Users can also make calls to anyone in the US and Canada sometimes for free and sometimes on the cheap. Users get 10 free minutes to start and can earn minutes to use for additional free outbound calls.

A few months ago, Pinger upgraded its app with GIF chat, Freestyle Text and JukeVox. GIF chat allows users to send private video messages only the receiver can view. It also makes the creating and sending of GIFs really easy for fun silly communication. You can also make your GIFs self destruct after a certain number of views or allow them to loop forever.

It’s unclear if Textfree will become available on additional mobile platforms any time soon.

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