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Written by josh on January 7th, 2013

You may read this blog and wonder what really separates one VoIP service from the next. Websites differ in design, in the language they use to describe performances, and their rates contrast marginally. And then some websites target markets like the gaming universe.

This brings us to RaidCall. RaidCall has all the basics of a VoIP provider:

– free and simple download and installation
– low CPU usage – smooth and uninterrupted communication
– call anywhere in the world


And they’ve got some pretty cool features too:

– house 10,000 users in a given call. When is this necessary?  (read on to find out)
– special speaking modes and optional reverbs for musical effects
– share youtube videos and chat within groups while watching embedded Twitch and own3D streams

But then you get to another side of RaidCall – its social side. RaidCall separates its servers into groups. You find groups that fit your interests. Some examples of groups are Education, National and…Games. There are very large groups of gamers on RaidCall. That’s why you can hold 10,000 users on a call at once.

People play Lineage 2 and League of Legends. I’m a noob, but RaidCall is home to some serious internet goers. These guys are in the know.

So if that doesn’t interest you to check out the RaidCall chat rooms, I’m not sure what will.

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