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Written by josh on January 11th, 2013

The name doesn’t roll off the tongue, but VPHO is an excellent app you can use to call anywhere in the world. With VPHO, you can do a variety of things.

1. Call anywhere in the world for free. You just need to be connected to 3G or WiFi, and you’ll be able to talk from America to India with no problem. Experience high sound quality on calls.

2. Send messages anywhere in the world for free.




3. Video chat with someone anywhere in the world for free. VPHO has a strong server and keeps you connected and looking clear while you video chat. Their interface also allows seamless transitioning between voice calling, video chatting, and conference calling. Don’t hang up, just hit a button.

4. High quality conference calling. VPHO optimizes your bandwidth and camera performance maximizing your conference call experience. Video conference with up to three people simultaneously. If a caller is on a voice or video call, he or she can add participants without having to hangup and the call will automatically be converted into a voice or video conference, respectively. Oh ya, do this for free, to anywhere in the world.

You can download the VPHO app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


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