Call India for under 2 cents/minute with Rebtel

Written by josh on January 25th, 2013

Some companies are consistent. They keep giving what we, as customers, want. Rebtel is one of those companies. We’ve written a few posts about Rebtel over the years, but we haven’t done so since September, 2010.┬áIt’s time to remind everyone about Rebtel.

Rebtel allows users to make calls to India for very low costs. Call landlines in India for only 1.69 cents/minute. Call mobiles at the same rate! Call other Rebtel users anywhere in the world for no cost.

This means if you spend $10 with Rebtel, you’ll receive 592 minutes of calling to India. That’s nearly 10 hours of calling for 10 dollars. $1 per hour of calling!

Rebtel is one of those companies that gives you just what you need and nothing more:

– Pay only for the time you talk – They use one-minute billing. No contract, no hidden fees.

– Great call quality – reliable lines with clear voice quality.

– Any phone, any network – Rebtel guarantees their service will work with your current carrier.

– No calling cards, no downloads – PIN-less dialing. Use Rebtel instantly. Right now.

Rebtel provides high quality international calls at local rates using their VoIP technology.




Rebtel is really easy to use:

1. Fill out the sign up form

2. Register the phone number from which you’ll be making your calls.

3. Enter your contact’s name and their number in India and Rebtel will give you a local number you can dial from your phone to reach your friend.

No other steps. Enjoy Rebtel. Call India. Have a great weekend.

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