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Written by josh on October 31st, 2012

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to reach someone in India, try using the service PhoneIndia. PhoneIndia is a VoIP service that is geared towards reaching people in India. It also provides good rates to call other areas of the world.

But the rate to India is great. Call India for only 1 cent a minute. There are plans for 500 min/month, 1000 min/month and 2000 min/month. The price stays proportional (1 cent/min for 500 and 2000 minutes). If you’d like, there’s also a plan to pay as you go, but it costs 1.3 cents/min.



PhoneIndia provides Toll Free Access Numbers that you can use to not be charged by your telephone provider.

If you use the service and refer a friend, you get $5 in credited minutes. That translates to 500 minutes of calling.

Calls to Canada and to Britain are also 1 cent/min.

It’s an affordable and easy way to reach family and friends in India or other countries.


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