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Written by shannon on April 18th, 2011

If chatting with your facebook friends isn’t enough, how about calling them?

KipCall is a new app that allows you to call yor facebook friends for free!

No long distance charges or wireless minutes use! You also don’t need a connection to 3G or WIFI. Plus tons of features.

It also keeps your phone number private.

Unlike other VoIP apps, KipCall doesn’t carry it’s calls over the internet. Instead, it uses its product called MobileGlobe to connect the call over PSTN (public switched telephone network) which is financed by a small banner ad placed with the app.

To start calling all your CIA friends (I mean facebook), you’ll just need to download the app on the Iphone and register their phone number.In order to make outgoing calls from the Iphone, the wireless phone number must coincides with the device. To recieve incoming calls, you can setup the Iphone app with any phone number you wish.

Once one of your friends downloads the app, you’ll be able to call or text chat with them, post on their FB wall or even send them a message via email. Another crazy feature is the ability to display friends who are within a 0.6 mile radius of you.

If someone begins to annoy you, you can block them. This will stop the person from reaching you via kipcall and it won’t show them your location either.

If your keen to organization, you’ll be happy to find a variety of ways to do so. The filter feature allows you the option to view FB friends by age, relationship status, and gender. It can even display friends who use kipcall.

Call quality varies each time and depends whether both users are on the Iphone. Compared with other VoiP FB apps like Vonage, the calls are not quite as clear and their was sometimes a delay. However, having the ability to make calls without using a 3G or WIFI connection might make these con not so bad. Another nasty feature is each user can only spend 20 minutes of outgoing calling per day but incoming is unlimited.

All in all, Kipcall is another great tool for saving money and keeping in touch with friends. It’s free anyways and available in Canada and the U.S.A.

Why not give KipCall’s Freecalls a try?




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