Can I Get a Skype To Go Please?

Written by shannon on January 19th, 2011

I got an email the other day about Skype’s latest feature called Skype To Go!

It’s absolutely amazing! Now I can call people from all over the world from my cell phone or landline for the same great price.

All you need to do is enter your friend’s number with Skype. Skype will then assign you a Skype To Go Number. Grab your phone and call this number that Skype has provided you and you’ll be talking to your family in India (or wherever) for the small fees that Skype offers.

Skype To Go numbers are easy to use and ever easier to love

Get numbers for friends, family and colleagues based abroad, save them to your mobile (or dial them from a landline) and stay in touch even if you’re out on the beach!

There is no extra cost! They are included as long as you have Skype credit or a monthly subscription.

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