Collaborate and Talk for FREE with LiveMinutes

Written by josh on December 3rd, 2012

LiveMinutes is a wonderful company that lets you meet and collaborate and talk for free and with ease.

Where to begin…

LiveMinutes makes your meetings awesome. You can access a LiveMinutes call either through your browser, through Skype, or through your phone directly. There are no long distance charges – their number is toll free. Bring up to nine people onto the call. And see everyone – LiveMinutes integrates video chatting smoothly.

In general, when using LiveMinutes, you’ll notice how clean and beautiful their interface and user experience is. This is always a huge plus for me. So many VoIP providers have the nastiest websites. Not LiveMinutes.



Once in a call, collaborate on notes in real time. LiveMinutes has a patent pending coedition technology that is very very fast. Type in conjunction with others on the same document. It’s like two players on the same piano – beautiful!

You can also connect your Evernote account to open and coedit your notes directly in LiveMinutes.

Share documents in real time. LiveMinutes takes this seriously – views are synchronized, so everyone is always, litterarely, on the same page. There’s also a cool sketch feature in case you need to illustrate something in a meeting.

After the meeting, LiveMinutes automatically saves everything that went down to a meeting report you can download as a PDF. Your meeting chat and the audio conversation is recorded as well.

With a great finishing touch, you can try out LiveMinutes without making an account, a feature I’m sure you all will appreciate. LiveMinutes is not trying to scam anyone. They are a high-integrity company.

LiveMinutes is great for businesses or friends keeping in touch. It’s nice to find awesome technology to make our lives easier…

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