Facebook continues forward with VoIP

Written by josh on January 18th, 2013

Two weeks ago I broke the news that Facebook is increasing their VoIP presence. To fill you in, Facebook has been testing VoIP calling in their Facebook Messenger app for the last two weeks in Canada. The VoIP calling for Canadians also included a feature called voice messaging that let users leave voicemails to each other. Facebook had announced that they would bring VoIP calling to the U.S. if everything went smoothly, so my guess is that has happened.

U.S. users – to get the calling functionality on your Facebook Messenger app, open your app. If the feature has been rolled out to you, you’ll see a “Free Call” button once you tap the “i” icon that’s on the top right of open message threads. You don’t need to download an update.




Be aware though, the Facebook Messenger VoIP calling is only free if there’s WiFi available. If you’re not using WiFi, the app will use cellular data eating at your data plan.

But, if you have no cell reception and are connected to WiFi, you’ll be able to make high-quality calls for free. It’s a big deal for VoIP’s development into the mainstream that Facebook Messenger has incorporated it into their app. Facebook is clearly trying to stake a larger claim into the mobile communications game. They’re a big player with lots of money, so expect this development to continue.

Unfortunately the VoIP calling is only available for iPhone users and not Android users.


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