Facebook increases VoIP presence

Written by josh on January 4th, 2013

Facebook is in hot pursuit of the VoIP market. As of yesterday, both Android and iOS users will see an update to their Facebook Messenger app. The update will allow users to use Facebook’s new Voice Messaging feature.

Voice Messaging is essentially like leaving a voicemail. It’s a short audio recording. Want to give someone directions? Send them a voice message instead of a text and you’ll be a much more effective communicator.




Voice Messaging will be integrated into your conversation. There will be a “push to talk” button you can use any time during your messaging.

For those in Canada, yesterday’s update provides even more. Canadian app users will be able to test Facebook’s first entry into VoIP calling. Canadians will be able to test making calls to other users over WiFi or their cellular data connection. Right now, the Canadian VoIP tests are only available for iOS users. But if they go well, I’m sure Android users will see the VoIP calling feature soon.

Eventually, Facebook wants to be the way you make all your calls. Yesterday’s update is a test into a small market to see how everything goes. The question is, will you feel comfortable ditching your phone numbers and trusting Facebook to handle your calls? It will save you money, and if all progresses, Facebook will only improve their calling quality.

This is an interesting time for VoIP and human communication. Stay tuned for updates on the matter.

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