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Written by josh on November 9th, 2012

Fonworld is a VoIP service you can use to call almost anywhere in the world. Use it to save up to 90% of costs on calls to domestic extensions and to foreign countries.

There are five ways to use Fonworld.

1) from your computer when using a softphone: download a softphone and complete the adjustments with your fonworld data.
2) use fonworld’s service and their webfon.
3) install a SIP terminal at your telephone system and adjust it to be compatible with fonworld.
4) use fonworld with a mobile app – iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.
5) the fonworld Callback service – use with mobile phones or your landline.



There are no monthly fees with fonworld. You pay only for what you phone. Your registration is free. It’s non binding, and you can terminate it at any time.

Their website is pretty sleek. It’s nicer than most VoIP websites. Check it out to see their rates. 

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