Free Android Calls with Keku!

Written by shannon on October 11th, 2011

Another neat service that allows you to make international calls cheaply from the Android AND is also giving a $1 FREE Trial is called KEKU!

Basically, Keku offers many solutions for international calling through things like local dial-in numbers, PC (VOIP), and the popular Android application.
You can actually make free calls on your Android by following these steps:
-Download the APP from Itunes (or another app market)
-Install the application
-You will now have $1 free credit
Sure, it’s only a buck but it’s a buck worth of free calls that can let you test out the product and see if it works for you. No harm in that!
Have fun calling!
keku calling

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  1. arnold permejo Says:

    I hope this keku apps can help me a lot,especially to reach my special someone in abroad ans it is free..thankz

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