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Written by josh on August 14th, 2013

I’d like to share a great VoIP app with you all. It’s designed in the current standard formula for VoIP apps. It’s called Comm (check out their website. It’s got a cool vertical design) and Comm users can call and text other Comm users anywhere in the world for free.

Comm users can reach each other for free across continents. iPhone users can also communicate with Android users, not a problem. You can also message people who don’t have Comm- it will be sent as an email.

When you download Comm for free, you create a profile that integrates with your existing phone’s address book. Your profile page automatically collects photos from your friends, which sounds like a simplified Facebook wall. You can share photos easily with Comm.


Comm lets you communicate en masse through their group chat feature. Coordinate study groups or plan parties and nights out with this function.

One thing that separates Comm from other similar VoIP apps is the ability to send “Stickers.” Stickers are basically Comm’s own version of emoji. Stickers seem larger and more animated/unique than emoji, so sending Stickers in messages adds funny and emotive elements.


Comm uses your current phone number but keeps it private on your profile.

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