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Written by josh on November 30th, 2012

ChatCube is another mobile VoIP app in the Skype/WhatsApp/France Libon variety. (We told you about France Libon Wednesday).

ChatCube is a strong platform to communicate through, but it isn’t the best out there. The major setback is you cannot video chat on ChatCube. Video obviously is Skype’s selling point.

But with ChatCube, call for free between mobile devices. Make free calls to other ChatCube users on Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. ChatCube also has built-in call-forwarding, push notifications, and voice mail.

ChatCube enables users to send text and voice messages for free, record and send picture or video messages for free, and broadcast your GPS location (ala “checking in” on Facebook.)



Goober Network developed ChatCube. They claim the calling quality is “HD.” I see no reason to doubt that statement.

Similar to Skype, users can call non-ChatCubers (just made that up :) ) for a small fee.

ChatCube could be on the come-up. If they get some video functionality, they could be a legitimate contender in the VoIP game.

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