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Written by shannon on April 28th, 2012

Jahjah your Free Call Solution

With the increasing cost of international calls, a lot of people can hardly afford to communicate with their loved ones abroad. With this, several service providers promise to provide free calls for a limited amount of time to subscribers. But not all of them fulfill what they promise to provide.

It’s a different thing with Jahjah. Awarded as the Best Communication Solution by the 25 largest carriers of the world, Jahjah is definitely a must-try application.

Jahjah is a free application that works anywhere you are in the world on any phone. It allows you to make free calls directly from your computer or from your mobile phone.

To make free calls anywhere in the world with Jahjah, just plug your phone number and enter the phone number of the person you are calling to into their Web site. The first five minutes of your call is free while the remaining time may charge a very minimal fee.

Jahjah rates are very affordable. It can even save you up to 98% of your international calls. It is the best calling solution you can rely on.

free calls anywhere in the world

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  1. D. Alberto Says:

    I’ve been using happytel and the prices are even more cheaper. But there is not so many information about them.

    anyway it is working fine to me and the quality is completely awesome

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