Free calls with Sprint!

Written by josh on February 25th, 2014

Last Friday, Sprint’s newest service went live – free WiFi calling. After T-Mobile, Sprint has become the second carrier in the US to use WiFi calling.

Sprint says their WiFi calling is completely free and allows Sprint customers to make calls and send SMS over a WiFi connection instead of needing to be connected to the Sprint network.

Sprint doesn’t have the best network in America, but now customers who live in poor reception areas can make calls if they have wireless internet.


As of Friday, Sprint’s free WiFi calling is only available on the Samsung Galaxy Mega and the Galaxy S4 Mini. Neither are huge sellers for Sprint, but hopefully the company will be expanding the service throughout 2014. I assume every new device Sprint releases will support free WiFi calling.

So if you’re a Sprint user and get poor reception where you live or work, be happy that you can now make free calls through your internet!

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