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Written by josh on November 18th, 2012

We also like to keep you updated on the best conferencing services out there. See this post for example. Buzz Conferencing is a service I didn’t know about, and I want to share it.

First of all, Buzz Conferencing offers a platform to make conference calls FOR FREE.

Other features:

– A free and secure recording – Buzz sends a private high quality Mp3 recording of your call just minutes after you hang up.

– Powerful in-conference controls – use the Presenter and Q&A modes and have the ability to mute participants and hold large calls without fear of interruption.

– Free international access. Host international conference calls without needing to call expensive international phone number OR pay surcharges. Instead, Buzz Conferencing provides a range of international access numbers to keep their users connected to participants wherever they might be in the world.




This is NOT a VoIP service. Buzz uses telco-grade phone lines which ensures excellent phone quality and does not rely on internet connection. They have excellent customer support.

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  1. James Harvey Says:

    thanks to your article I signed up with Buzz cos I liked the sound of free 😀 esp the free recording. I don’t usually recommend products but I’d make a bit of an exception here

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