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Written by josh on January 30th, 2013

Globfone is a website that allows users to make calls and send texts for free directly from the website. It’s completely free. Globfone makes money through donors and advertisers so they can provide their free services.

A nice thing about Globfone is you don’t need to register. You don’t need to download anything either. All their services are offered without these common steps.

Globfone allows you to make calls from their site to phones anywhere in the world. It’s super simple and it actually is completely free. There aren’t many sites like Globfone.

To make calls with Globfone, you need a microphone, headphones or speakers, although for really clear calls and sound the use of a subwoofer could be great for this and you can find it easily in this Web Site online. Just type in an international number including the prefix of the country you want to call. Make sure not to use “00” or “+” in the beginning of the number. This is an example of how to input a phone number:

33 1 11223344 (France, Paris)


Globfone messsages are not traditional SMS. They call them “SMS lite.” Often times your recipient will receive the text message onto their phone, see it on their screen, but will find that the message won’t save to their inbox.

One thing to note about Globfone calling is: if the person you call is roaming, he/she will be charged standard roaming fees.

Globfone seems to exist on the margins of VoIP companies. It provides international calls for free. Take advantage of Globfone while it still exists.

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