Free Video Conference with IVisit

Written by shannon on May 9th, 2012

Meet Anytime, Anywhere for free with iVisit

If you like to meet with your friends or family anytime and anywhere for free, iVisit is your perfect solution.

iVisit is an application that allows up to eight users to talk face-to face via video conference for free. It can give you more than just free calls to anywhere around the world. With iVisit, you can also enjoy video conferencing, instant messaging, and desktop sharing and presentation. It is a very powerful means of communication that combines almost any form of communication. It can work on any mobile device as well as computers, laptops and tablets enabling its users to communicate and meet anytime and anywhere at no cost.

iVIsit is available in three forms, namely: iVisit Presenter which is free to download and use, iVisit Mobile which offers a free trial version, and iVisit Client Server that needs to be ordered before you can download and use it.

Why be content with just free call to anywhere in the world? You can do more than that with iVisit.



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