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Written by shannon on December 29th, 2011

2 months ago, I left on a 6-week road trip across the Western United States. I drove in from Canada, driving down through Seattle, the Oregon coast, California, and then back up through Utah and Montana.

It was great. But there was just one major problem that caused so much stress along the way.

Not unlocking my f$%&# phone.

By not unlocking my Iphone, I was forced into only using Skype (which is great but can be a hassle when you need WiFi for a quick call) and being forced to always find a decent WiFi signal which is a MAJOR hassle on a road trip. This kept me from being able to comfortably call people we were staying with and even worse, I wasn’t able to use google maps.

Nothing is worse than trying to find free WiFi at a Mcdonalds or Starbucks just to phone someone or to see where your going. Sometimes the connections are not even good enough for Skype. Actually, a lot of the time they are not good enough.

So, lesson learned. When traveling to another country, always:

  1. Unlock your phone ahead of time or plan on purchasing a cheap phone in the country your visiting
  2. Research the costs of using a phone in another country so you know all your options
Had I unlocked my phone before going, I could of bought a 1-month phone plan from T-Mobile for just $50 and it would of included unlimited calling, unlimited text, and unlimited internet.
It makes me cry to think of this.
So without further adu, I introduce to you…Jailbreak Unlocker Pro
If you have an Iphone and either want to travel with it OR simply jailbreak to use a lot of unique features, then this site is for you.
Jailbreaking an Iphone is very popular with users because it enables so many unique characteristics on the Iphone as well as free applications.
More importantly, it enables you to then UNLOCK your IPHONE so you can use it anywhere in the world by simply buying a cheap SIM card in the country your visiting.
This will save you money, headaches, and give you so much more pleasure than not having your Iphone could. I finally did this and I am so happy for it. Because of that, I became an affiliate. These are affiliate links. If your interested in unlocking your Iphone, this is the place to go and you also help support FreeCallsTo.
Visit Jailbreak Unlocker Pro to check out what they have to offer.

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