Hurricane Sandy areas get free numbers

Written by josh on November 2nd, 2012

One month ago, we told you that Cheap Voip Inc offered free phone numbers to six U.S. states for the month of October. Cheap Voip Inc, due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, has agreed to extend the free phone numbers through November.

The states where Cheap Voip Inc offers free phone numbers are:

– New York
– Pennsylvania
– Delaware
– Maryland
– Virginia
– West Virginia

All of these states have been affected by Sandy. For those of you looking to save some money, especially in this difficult time with unexpected expenses, look to Cheap Voip Inc.


Sandy’s epic devastation. But save money with Cheap Voip Inc.


Phone numbers can be routed to an Analog Telephone Adapter, a softphone, or a PBX. You can also forward phone numbers to another phone, but call charges will apply. To set up the phone number, Cheap Voip Inc does charge a one time $10 fee. Voicemail is included, and no other charges will come after the initial fee.

For those of you in these states, enjoy the savings. Check out Cheap Voip Inc for more info.

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