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Written by ometrick on April 16th, 2009

Hello, All! Welcome to another blog on how to make free calls to anywhere in the world. This blog will talk about the PC-to-phone service, with VoIPCheap, you can make free calls to almost anywhere in the world – from your PC to a regular phone.

Where can these calls be made to? There are 22 countries in the world where the calls can be made to. These countries include the U.S, the U.K., Canada, China, France, Australia, and Russia (landline and mobile.) Each call is free, if you use their software to make it.

Can I make free calls to other countries in the world? No. You can only make free calls to the countries listed on their website.

Are there any catches with making these calls? No, there are no catches to making these free calls. Just download the software that you will use to make the free calls on the site, and call to any of the 22 countries that are on their “free calls” list.

How do I make these free calls? First, you should to their website

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and download the software. Next, once it has been downloaded, create a free account with VoIPCheap. After that, check your email for confirmation of the signup. Then, follow the directions on that email to make your free calls to anywhere around the world.

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