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Written by josh on June 13th, 2014

Some of you may be familiar with magicJack. The company provides a device that connects to a home computer modem or computer for low-cost monthly phone service through VoIP calling. But magicJack also has a mobile app that’s absolutely free.

The magicJack app allows users to make free calls to any U.S. and Canadian phone number. Callbacks are also free. That way recipients know a human is on the other end and not a robocaller.

Of course, magicJack users can also make free calls to any other magicJack user, anywhere in the world. If you’re in the United States and your friend is in India, you can call that friend as long as both of you are using the magicJack mobile app.

MagicJack Android

magicJack works with 4G service or data, so users will save money that they’d normally spend on plans with traditional wireless providers. 

The magicJack free calls app requires no purchase at all. Setting up a profile is easy.

If you’re traveling or need to call friends and family in other countries, try using magicJack!

Available for Android and iOS.

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