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Written by josh on October 23rd, 2013

On Monday we told you about a calling service only for iOS. Here’s one for you Android users.

Scratch Wireless launched last Wednesday with $5 million in funding and offers a “Wi-Fi First” plan. When Scratch customers connect to Wi-Fi from their Android device, they’ll be able to make calls, send text messages, and view websites free of charge. When users are away from Wi-Fi, they can connect to Sprint’s network to place calls and surf the Web. Texting is always free.


Scratch Wireless has partnered with Sprint to piggyback on its network, a smart idea to give users an option when out of Wi-Fi zones.

Scratch Wireless differentiates itself from other providers that have similar services by selling passes to connect to cellular networks. A 24-hour pass costs $1.99 for data and $1.99 for voice. a 30-day pass costs customers $14.99 for data and $14.99 for voice.

Buying these passes is optional. Customers who don’t buy a pass won’t be able to place calls or use data over cellular, but they still will be able to send messages at no charge. These buying packages are a safety net for those times you’re not in a Wi-Fi zone. Once back in Wi-Fi, everything is free again. A lot of similar services don’t have an option when Wi-Fi doesn’t exist, stranding users.

Scratch plans to offer Android-based smartphones to kick off its service. The company is launching with the Motorola Photon Q, which will cost customers $269. Scratch said it will not charge any additional hardware fees or force customers into contracts. The company plans to add more Android smartphones over time.

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