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Written by shannon on April 16th, 2010

Making calls to India for free are nearly impossible to make. But with PC – calling India is now not only free, but extremely easy to use. In order to make one of these free calls to India, all you need is a computer. PC to PC calls are completely free of charge, while PC to telephone calls will charge you a small cost at a very low rate. Rates to India are as low as 1.9 cents, which is an exceptionally good deal in comparison to some other companies.

            We know that PC – Telephone is a company that provides you with free pc to pc calls to India, but how are these calls exactly made? The website will provide you with free downloadable software that enables you to turn your computer into a telephone, along with many other things. Features that PC – Telephone provides you with are fax transfer, voicemail, call waiting, and much more.

            Getting started is quite simple and only requires you to download the computer software that is provided to you for free. This service is free other than whenever you would like to make a PC to telephone call. Even so, the rates are very low and priced conveniently for the companies users. If you are considering making PC to telephone call for their very low rate then you can purchase a calling card and you will be able start making calls right away.

            To get started simply visit their website and start making free international calls to India today.

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