Making Free Calls with Gmail

Written by shannon on October 26th, 2010

If your one of those big Google lovers, this may just hit the spot.

Google’s Gmail is now offering an option in the Voip Department. With Gmails current offering, you can actually call landlines in the USA and Canada for FREE. That’s right. Free!

They do however charge for international calls. From what I have seen, the rates are a little cheaper than Skype but they don’t offer any unlimited plans like Skype does so if you call a lot, skype might be the better option for now.

If your a big fan of video calls, you can also count yourself out of luck for the time being. Gmail currently only offers video chat. Gmail doesn’t offer web conferencing at the moment either.

One feature I certainly love is that you can grab a free google voice number which will then allow you to recieve calls as well as receive voice messages for FREE! Another beautiful free option is having those messages transcribed into text and sent via email or text. It’s not a perfect translation but it’ll get better with time.

Of course, Call quality can sometimes be a little spotty just like Skype but that tends to be a flaw in the Voip department in general.

Here are a couple examples of current international rates you can expect with Gmail:

  • India 6 cents per minute
  • UK landline 2 cents per minute
  • UK mobile 18 cents per minute
  • Mexico landline 10 cents per minute
  • France landline 2 cents per minute

So why not give it a try. It’s always best to see for yourself whether it works great with your current needs. Let us know in the comments! :)

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