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Written by shannon on December 24th, 2011

Yayyy, a new web conferencing solution for you fine folks out there!

Introducing OnConference, who is also introducing social media to their business solutions!

OnConference was founded by Nortel and is a very simple, easy-to-use webinar platform.

I think many people will agree now-a-days that social media has become a integral part of many businesses and OnConference has just stepped up their game in the web conferencing/webinar world as they now offer social media features in the Meeting Manager segment.

If your wondering what Meeting Manager is, it’s a free, online service that allows you to send out invitations, and some really awesome web conferencing. By using OnConference web conferencing, you can host webinars and have the addition of social media in the form of easily advertising your webinar’s topic and time to Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook. With this great new feature, you can add a highly enhanced channel to your social network, allowing people to connect with you in a different manner.

This means you can host a registration link for the webinar and what not on your network, and also allows people who register to share it with their audience as well, making your conference/business more visible to a larger audience. This make social media easy for you by allowing organizers to push a button at the time of scheduling and have it automatically appear on all your social media sites.

Super awesome. Like what you see, check it out at OnConference.

OnConference Free Web Conferencing

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