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Written by josh on November 26th, 2012

There are lots of VoIP service providers out there. That’s why you turn to freecallsto.com to tell you which are the best. However, we understand we aren’t the end all be all, and ultimately we care about our readers more than anything else. That’s why we don’t hide good things when we find out about them. We found a good thing – Ozeki.

Ozeki is an open source app that allows users to check the availability of VoIP services. The Ozeki software quickly verifies if a given service exists, whether it can be reached from a particular network, and if the username and password to access that service are correct.



Ozeki works by sending a VoIP login packet to the PBX. When the PBX receives the packet, it sends a message back to the sender saying whether the login information is correct or incorrect.

Ozeki could alleviate a lot of stress when searching for VoIP providers. Instead of trying out services that could ultimately fail, use Ozeki to make good decisions about which VoIP provider to use.

Ozeki is free and made for Android.

Download it here.


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