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Written by shannon on November 25th, 2008
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Need a place to hold your web conference calls (up to 10 people)? If so, you should go with the video conferencing services of PalTalk.

What is PalTalk? PalTalk is a multimedia conferencing service that provide its customers with the latest in video conferencing.

What does PalTalk offer its clients? PalTalk offers its clients the following.

  • Cutting edge voice and video technology
  • Crystal-clear video and sound for every single call
  • A safe environment and an array of options that room owners can use to communicate with other site users
  • Large rooms (some up to 5,000 people) that are talking, text messaging, and watching each other on webcams.

In other words, PalTalk is a real-time, web video based community, where you have ovwer 4 million people to talk to.

In addition, you can use PalTalk from any working computer with Internet access and no downloads of any kind is necessary, using the PalTalk Express application. Just register for an account with this site and in minutes, you will be talking to other members of the PalTalk family. Once you sign up, you will also be able to hold free conference calls (up to 10 people) using the Super IM feature.

To sign up for a Pal Talk account, first, go to

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Next, click on the “Express” tab, at the middle top of the page, to sign up without using downloads.

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Next, click the “Try PalTalk Express Now” tab. Once this is done, fill out the sign up form and click “register” to complete the process.

Within minutes, you can be holding free video conference calls with your PalTalk buddies.

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