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Written by shannon on October 22nd, 2010

If you ever need to record your conversations over the internet, look no further than Hot Recorder. Recording your calls is great if your doing some sort of interview. It’s also great if you think that call will ever end up in court. A funny thing you could do is talk to one of those call centers who always tell you they are recording the calls but now you can also tell them the same thing. See what they say.

Hot Recorder comes with a free one week trial. If you decide to purchase for $14.95, then it also includes voicemail for Google Talk and Skype. Hot Recorder records each conversation in two different files which makes it easy for editing. Keep in mind that Hot Recorder does not need to be used with VOIP. It can be used with any type of communication beginning or ending on a PC.

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply go to HotRecorder and download a free one week trial
  • Open it up and configure it to work with whatever app you want. I use Skype.
  • Once the conversation starts, click record
  • That’s it. When done, it will appear on your hard drive and then you can easily convert to MP3 or WAV.

There is also a great help section on the website. If you decide to purchase the premium version, it’s just $14.95.

Let us know how it goes :)


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