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Written by josh on February 6th, 2013

Reliance Global Call (which I’ll refer to as Reliance) has a strong foundation as a calling card service. Reliance is brought to you by Reliance Globalcom, a division of Reliance Communications Ltd- a leading integrated telecom service provider. Without getting too technical, understand that Reliance is a big company with a large global telecommunications network including a wide grasp on India. This is a good thing for all you international callers.

First off, let’s jump to Reliance’s rates:

– Call India for only $1.99 cents/minute.

Now let’s get into the features:

Reliance starts with a great mobile app called Reliance Express Dial. The app is designed to make your international calling experience effortless and convenient. Here’s what you get with the app:

  • No need to dial access numbers or PINs.
  • Direct Phonebook Dialing from Reliance Express Dial smart phone App
  • Make calls in a single touch with Speed Dial
  • Compatible with most mobile operating systems – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java.




Here’s another great feature that sets Reliance apart – Follow on Call. This feature allows you to dial an alternate number if the dialed number is busy or unreachable. You don’t need to redial the access number or PIN while making ILD calls. No frustration if your recipient doesn’t pick up on the first try because the phone was right out of reach.

Reliance makes sustained calling easy. You can set your account up to automatically refill with credit so you always have minutes to call internationally. Moreover, Reliance has a feature called Two Digit Dialing. This lets you program numbers into your phone so that when it’s time to call, you just hit two numbers and calls are made. That is simple!

Reliance brings much more than this to the table. Head over there and start making international calls to India. I highly recommend Reliance.

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