Review of the top free call / voip bloggers online

Written by mak on October 8th, 2008

1. Thomas Keating

Mr. Keating is the CTO, VP and Founder of TMC Labs, Inc. Mr. Keating has almost 30 years of experience in the computer and the telecommunications industry. His blog,, is filled with blogs on how to get free calls using VOIP phones and features.

2. Om Malik

Mr. Malik is a well-known in the tech industry as one of its top      bloggers. Mr. Malik has years of experience in the tech industry and had dedicated his time and life to writing about the VOIP broadband industry. His personal blog,, is filled with blogs on how VOIP broadband services works and which companies offer the best plans on them.

3. Rich Tehrani

Mr. Tehrani is a long-standing expert of the VOIP industry and has authored magazine articles and columns, based on this subject. He is the first person to create a magazine that deals with the VOIP inustry, 1998. Currently, he is the president of TMC and has led the company forward in the telecommunications industry, since he became president in 1982.

His personal blog,, deals with many of the aspects of the VOIP industry. Along, with his boss, Tom Keating, he is changing the role of telecommunications in society forever.

4. Irwin Lazar

Mr. Lazar is currently the top analyst and program director of Unified Communications and Collaboration at the Nemertes Research Institute. He is also the chairman at the FutureNet Expo. In the past, Mr. Irwin was the senior analyst at the Burton Group, NetReference, and was the senior consultant of the RPM Consulting firm.

His personal blogsite, http://, is a “real time” blog where you can find blogs on that are VOIP related, including the “Aircell vs. VOIP” blog.

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