Save 50% on Your Home Phone with 1010Talk

Written by shannon on December 28th, 2011

1010Talk is an absolutely remarkable service that enables you to save up to 50% off your home phone bill. 1010Talk offers very low pricing using VoIP technology. This allows you to talk your mouth off while cutting your phone bill in HALF, and even has great features such as unlimited calling plans for Americans as well as people around the world!

1010Talk Home Phone Service includes:

  • Unlimited Calling Plans (as an option)
  • Regular Voicemail Plus Voicemail to Email!
  • More than 20 calling features
  • Local #’s in your area
  • Plus much much more

As if that wasn’t enough, 1010Talk also offers pinless calling cards, Global forwarding, and other great ways to make free calls around the world. We’ll, almost free!

Basically, all you need to do to start using 1010Talk is:

  • Sign up at 1010Talk and choose what you want
  • Connect the VoIP adapter to your modem
  • Connect your analog phone
  • Voila! Make some calls around the world. Learn more here.


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