Save on Calls with CallCentric

Written by shannon on April 8th, 2012

Save on High Quality Calls with CallCentric

If you are unhappy about the free call services you get from other providers, why not use Callcentric? It’s worth a try for two reasons. They offer free calls anywhere in the world and the quality of calls you can make are comparable to paid calls.

Callcentric uses the technology called Session Initiation Protocol or SIP which is also a type of VoIP. This technology works as long as there is Internet connection. With the use of computer software in your PC or stand alone landline adapter, you will bypass long distance carriers thereby helping you to save on the cost of calls.

Callcentric members enjoy a lot of benefits. You can call other members absolutely free at no monthly or per minute charge. For non-members, great and competitive rates apply.

If you can convince all your loved ones and friends worldwide to register with Callcentric, you will have even greater savings aside enjoying unlimited and good quality conversations with each other.

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