Skype looking to add 3D video

Written by josh on September 9th, 2013

Skype was founded back in August, 2003, meaning 2013 marks the company’s 10th anniversary. To celebrate, the firm has hinted that it will add 3D video calling to its service in the future.

Skype began as an internet messaging service offering free voIP calls to other Skype users. It also offered instant messaging capabilities. Since then, Skype has added video call and video group capabilities, and there are over 300 million Skype users worldwide.


Skype, which has been owned by Microsoft since 2011, appears to be preparing 3D call capability for a future release date.

In an interview with the BBC, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Skype Mark Gillett said that the firm has done a lot of work in its labs looking at the capabilities of 3D display screens and 3D capture technologies.

However, Gillett cautioned that the necessary technology for 3D calling is still years away. The currently available technology is too expensive and not yet up to par.

Intriguingly, consumer interest in 3D technology has been waning recently. It leads one to think how many people would desire a 3D Skype service, even if the hardware was ready to go.

skype 2

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Skype is offering its users 30 minutes of free WiFi at any of the firm’s two million Skype WiFi partner hotspots. The free WiFi can be accessed any time in the next month.

Skype allows you to call other Skype users for free anywhere in the world. It lets you make free calls in the US and Canada and charges low rates to call other numbers anywhere in the world. It also charges you to conference with up to 10 people in a video call at a time.

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