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Written by josh on January 9th, 2013

Last November I told you about Speek (read that post here). Speek is a wonderfully cool conference calling service. Monday of this week Speek announced a mobile app for iOS which is a great development for the company.

To give a Speek refesher:

РSpeek  is a browser-based VoIP service Рno download necessary

– When you sign up for an account, your username becomes a unique URL like Speek.com/freecallsto or Speek.com/callanywhereintheworld :)

– Send that URL to whoever you want in your conference. They click it and they’re in your call.

Now, all this setup can be done through the mobile app. It’s a two-step process. To set up a conference call, invite contacts via email or text. You can also schedule events which are calls in the future.




The people you emailed/texted then click your link or respond to your text. Speek dials their number for you, and whoever answers is placed into your conference call. It’s simple and so easy. All you do is tap the button¬†“Start a Call.”

Within the call, you’ll see images of everyone on the call and which caller is speaking at the given moment. If you’ve forgotten someone, you can add more participants during the call. And everyone can share photos from their phone’s library during calls.

Once you finish your call, Speek immediately emails you a call history that explains who took part in the call and other details like how long the call went and what files were shared during the call.

Speek’s mobile app is 100% free. What a great thing.

If you like Speek, “like” Freecallsto on facebook.

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