Tuenti app adds free calls

Written by josh on May 2nd, 2014

The popular Spanish social network Tuenti just released a new version of its native iPhone app that now lets users make free calls.

Tuenti Android users have been able to make free calls since June 2013.

This update, version 4.3, also lets users make free calls via Chrome and Opera platforms, allowing Tuenti users to communicate using any device.  Take Tuenti with you wherever you go.


Tuenti wants users to share their lives with their real friends. Users see photos and updates from the people that matter. Real friends sharing real life.

Millions of people already use Tuenti. They sent real time messages for free to each other and now will be able to send real time calls for free.

Everything users do on Tuenti is private. It’s not shared over the internet. That adds to piece of mind.

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