Turn your Ipod Touch into a phone!

Written by shannon on November 12th, 2010

A family member was telling me the other day that they should get an Iphone. As much as I love my Iphone, I don’t think everyone’s grandma needs one. I see so many people buying expensive phones when they don’t even need them.

I asked them how often they think they would use the phone or how often they currently use their basic cell phone. The answer was almost never. I think I seen them use their cell phone 3 times in one month. It just sits there.

Then I said “Don’t you have an Ipod Touch?”

Did you know you can turn your Ipod Touch into a phone? All you need is to download FREE voip software such as Skype. If it’s one of the newer makes of Ipod Touch, it should have a built in mic which would allow you to speak to people just like through a phone. If it’s an older model, you can buy a mic for it. Now all you need is Wifi internet connection and you can start calling people for FREE all around the world.

With an Ipod Touch being hundreds of dollars cheaper than an Iphone not to mention having no phone plan, who needs an Iphone? you’ll save thousands!


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