Ultimate Communication with Netgyver

Written by shannon on May 31st, 2012

File Manager plus Communication Tool in One

NetGyver Express is a very unique program in that it functions as a file manager and a communication tool at the same time.

Its extensive capabilities include:

  • Easily managing your local and remote files from anywhere
  • Making sharing of files to anyone simpler, more reliable and secure
  • Allowing you to listen or watch any media file streaming
  • Allowing you instant messaging with anyone at any time
  • Makes you create and join public chatrooms to keep in touch with friends or meet new people

With its extensive features and capabilities, this is a program perfect for office workers and for everyday use. However if you are expecting to make free calls to anywhere in the world using this program, you may not be able to do it. But you can still communicate using its instant messaging and chat room features.

If you have a large file to organize, this application is perfect for you!

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