Unlimited Incoming Fax-to-Email – One Flat Price

Written by shannon on November 30th, 2010

Packetel, which also offers long-distance calling packages, has now come out with a flat-rate incoming fax-to-email Internet fax service which allows you to receive unlimited incoming faxes to your email accounts, with no per-page charge. Once you sign up, the service works instantly, eliminating the extra phone lines and fax equipment. You can now receive fax from all over the world!

Follow these easy steps below to begin your online incoming fax empire:

1. Get your dedicated fax number when you subscribe to our fax service

2. Specify the fax receiving email address by logging into your Packetel online account.

3. Receive fax by email in PDF or TIF format

4. As a bonus, you can also specify multiple fax-receiving email addresses

  • Receive mutliple faxes simultaneously
  • Unlimited Incoming Fax with no added charge
  • $3.95/month

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