Viber expansion takes on Skype

Written by josh on December 16th, 2013

By now most of you are probably familiar with Viber. Viber allows you to make free calls to other people who have the Viber app downloaded. But last week, Viber launched a new feature.

It’s called Viber Out, and it lets users make calls to mobile and landline phones that do not have Viber downloaded. Although app-to-app calling is free, Viber Out is not free.

Skype also lets users make calls to phones without Skype downloaded, and they too charge for their service. Viber is claiming that their rates are lower than Skype’s. This update makes Viber a more direct Skype competitor, whereas before they were more in line with apps like WhatsApp or iMessages.


Checking out some of Viber Out’s rates:

Call India for 2.5 c/min (landline) and 4.9 c/min (mobile)

Call Mexico for 2.3 c/min (landline) and 9.9 c/min (mobile)

Call Jamaica for 13.2 c/min (landline) and 29.0 c/min (mobile)

Call China for 2.3 c/min (landline and mobile)

This is actually a second release for Viber Out. Viber tested the feature last month to help with the recovery effort in the Philippines following the typhoon. The service was offered for free then.

Are you guys happy Viber released this feature?

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