Video Conference For Newbs

Written by shannon on October 1st, 2011
A video conference is a high-tech solution for consumers and businesses to communicate face-to-face. Instead of driving all across town or flying to different cities, users can now stay at home using their internet connection and still maintain that personal intimate feeling of a meeting.
If your just getting started in the web conferencing world, no need to get stressed looking for the best software out there with all the bells and whistles and price tag to go with it. You can just try something simple and usually free.
If you want to check something out right away that’s easy to use and immensely popular, try out Facebook video chat OR Google+ video chat. Alternatively, you can also use Skype. With Facebook, you can talk face-to-face without leaving your Facebook page while with Google+, you can talk to up to 10 people at once in your Google circles with paying a cent.
This is a great way to see what video conference is like amongst friends and family.
It’s really amazing and it’s worth trying out. Soon, we’ll be showing off the best video conferences for businesses.

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