Voip-Pal launches PlatinumPhone.com

Written by josh on October 24th, 2012

PlatinumPhone.com makes it easier for clients to purchase airtime ┬áminutes. It’s another great website to use for making VoIP calls. PlatinumPhone.com also improves the user experience of VoIP apps PlatinumSoftphone and PlatinumPhone Mobile.

PlatinumPhone.com takes advantage of free Peer-to-Peer (P2P) calls. That’s nice. Buyers can also make international phone calls for very cheap. Starts at 2 cents a minute. Not bad.

According to PlatinumPhone.com,

Calls to China are 3 cents a minute.
Calls to Mexico are 3 cents a minute.
Calls to India are 3 cents a minute.


call India for 3 cents a minute.


The PlatinumPhone Mobile app is only available for Android right now. Check that out here.

Enjoy top-notch confidential and secure customer account information management at PlatinumPhone.com.

Voip-Pal recently acquired patents from Digifonica Gibraltar. The patents have enabled a highly scalable and proprietary VoIP softswitch platform. If you’re seeking reliable and cost effective VoIP services and apps, head over to platinumphone.com.

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