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Written by shannon on November 11th, 2008

Making highly-priced international phone calls can be frustrating to you and your wallet. That’s why you sohuld choose the Internet phone services at Voipax.com. With Voipax.com, you make free calls to your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances, to about 20 countries.

The names of these countries include Austria, Canada, Japan, Israel, the U.K., Guam, and more! Note only the countries that are marked as “free destinations” are eligible for the free calls.  How many minutes you will be getting with this service?

Ok, when you sign up, you will get 20 minutes to make these costless calls and 300 minutes of such calls, when you add minutes to your account. This is not bad for someone who likes to make overseas calls on a frequent basis.

Don’t worry if your free minutes run out, since Voipax charges only pennies a minute for calls around the world. Also, the callls can be made to and from a landline or mobile phone as well. You will be given an access number to do this.

How do you start making these free calls?

1. Go to www.voipax.com and click on the “download” tab, to download the sofware.

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2. Sign up, using your personal info.

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3. After you’re finished with signing up, you will recieve a confirmation email, with a link to download the software

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4. Download the Voipax software. Once finished, login using your account info.

5. Get your free 20 minutes to call your peoples around the world.

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